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From the Barrel of Gunn [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Charles Gunn

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This is the way to live. From world_onfire [Oct. 16th, 2007|10:50 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |energeticenergetic]

Sellin' my soul to Jenoff for a truck was the best thing that I had eva done. Sure, I neva expected to live the seven years for the debt to be collected, but that shit's beside the point now. I was badass, I killed demons and helped people and survived.

When Jenoff came lookin' for me, it wasn't because of the seven years. Naw...it was all about me givin' my soul up to Fred. Truth is, I think I already had which is why when Jenoff took my soul, when Angel, Groo, Cordy and Fred had failed to save me that night because they were too busy fightin' like lameasses..it was why I didn't die.

Shit, lookin' back, I'm glad they fought like lameasses because I didn't die, only thus far, none of my forma friends know it. My body was there for all of them to see, Angel thought he'd killed Jenoff after I was supposedly dead, but Jenoff can't die, or at least in no way that I know, so they all left sad, cryin' and beaten from that fight and especially Fred...yet I was alive...

Of course, I was up lata that night thinkin' about why I had eva thought about givin' in to a little stick figure like Fred in the first place. I rememba those times...when I was jealous of Wes ova Fred and I can't believe it. Don't get me wrong, I like havin' sex even more now then before, except now I'm not worried about committment; far from it. I'd rather have a lot of different women because there are so many of them out there that come into the casino with their slits showin' and their cleavage hangin' out and if they suck at pleasin' me or moan too much, well, I rip their heads off...break their necks, or just smash their noses into their skulls. I have Fred to thank for that and I have Angel as a guide...

I can't believe that souled freak eva wanted to get his soul back. If I were him, I'd fuck everything movin'...okay, I already do...but I would nail all of the ho's until I lost my soul...not that I will. Unlike Angel, I didn't have some lame curse put on me. I can't get my soul back as far as I know and if anyone tries, Jenoff will step in, but more importantly, I will.

Right now, I patrol the casino which is where I meet and bed most of the women that I either nail and let leave, or nail and kill. Jenoff uses me as muscle, but he's not big on me leavin' just yet because I'm a human livin' without a soul which is possibly an originality, none of us know; but because I'm not a demon, Jenoff only uses me to beat on cheata's in the casino and of course, lets me do my thing with the bitches.

Someday, though, I'll come face to face with Fred again, or Cordy and if I do, their asses are grass and let's just see Angel try to stop me.

Someday, Jenoff won't care what I do and I'll make my mark. You best believe it and just let Angel try to stop me. I'm sure that the old Angel investigations has gotten word of all these murders around LA, and might be investigatin' it, but I hope they come a callin'.

It'll be the last move that any of them eva make.
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Cordy...give me the treatment that I deserve ova Fred. From thepowerplayers [Jan. 28th, 2007|02:34 am]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Illyria and Wesley after her, walked away.

I could see the frustration in Cordy’s eyes that Wesley followed her. I wished that he hadn’t, but I understood, in sort of a sick way. Wesley is devoted to Illyria now as if she were Fred and while that’s sick, I get it. Illyria can look like her, talk about the past with Wes and give him sex that Fred couldn’t dream of and also protect him from the occasional powerful house intruder.

I got all that.

I just wished that he hadn’t left Cordelia and I to calm Illyria down or whatever it is that they will do, because like me, he has to feel so amazing that Cordy is alive again. He could also take away some of the abuse that will now be hurled at me.

Then again, I want her to treat me like shit right now. It fits my mood to a tee and I deserve it. Yeah, hopefully she cuts into me some more. We had explained to her how Illyria had come to be and I had explained to her my part in it. There wasn’t enough abuse in the world to cova for my part in it. I could have my heart ripped out by some ogre in some basement everyday for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t take away how much of a bastard that I had been to sign that form lettin’ the sarcophagus into the country…into the firm.

Yeah, Cordy should and hopefully does give me that hostile treatment right now, even though I love her like a sista, because I deserve it and want to feel her emotions on the topic. I want her to get it off of her chest and I want to feel like I have to atone, because right now, Jada needs me and I need to be primed for anything.

Angel and Faith had gone to Wolfram and Hart and as Cordy gave me an evil look and paced in front of me, I wondered why it was that I hadn’t gone with them? Angel said that it could be dangerous, but since when did danger ever get in my way from takin’ care of business, or in this case, savin’ the woman that I am fallin’ in love with more and more by the day, even in her absence? Neva, but yet, I need to stay here with Cordy for a little longa. If she berates me, then so be it. If she chooses to forgive me and give me anotha hug…even betta.

“Look, Cordy, I know that you probably have a little hate for me right now and I deserve it. I shouldn’t have signed that document. I shouldn’t have cared about the upgrades because like you said earlier, what good are they goin’ to do me now? I should have known that somethin’ bad was gonna happen. I wish, a lot of the time that Wesley had killed me when he stabbed me. And that’s the truth.”

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Cordy? ALIVE? From thepowerplayers [Jan. 13th, 2007|10:48 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |shockedshocked]

Wes, Illyria and I got out of the rental car and after shakin’ off the weirdness of drivin’ and watchin’ the two of them talk closely together, knowin’ that they were doin’ the deed now on a regular basis, I put my thoughts together and looked at how gorgeous that this place was. The lawns were manicured, the walkway to the front door was marble, the fences surroundin’ the property were regal lookin, the driveway circled around to the front door and branched off towards a garage built for at least ten cars, and the mansion itself was at least four floors, and possibly five and was brick, everywhere.

I stopped at the door, when I realized that I wasn’t goin’ to be the first one knockin’ on it, because standin’ there, was Angel, with Faith, some guy I didn’t recognize and Cordy?


Some tall guy wit glasses on answered the door and before they could all go in and after Cordy called the guy Giles and then the tension built between Angel and Giles, which I knew about, because I know recognized this Giles cat as the one who wouldn’t help us with Fred because we worked for Wolfram and Hart. I wanted to punch the guy and I wondered why Faith and Angel, along wit Cordy and this unknown guy were here, but it didn’t take me long to figure that they had gotten Wes’ note and had come here to help us save Jada too, although wit Angel and wit Wolfram and Hart involved, I knew this wasn’t only about Jada.

Still, I grabbed Cordy and her man turned to look what was happenin’. I wondered who this guy was, but for the meantime, I didn’t care. Right now, it was all about givin’ squeezes to Cordy, who…who was alive, somehow.

I found that I couldn’t really let her go, no matta how hard I tried, that is, until, Wes pushed me aside and hugged her as well. I looked at Illyria and knowin’ how little she comprehended humans at this point, even though that comprehension seemed to be growin’, and wondered how she would react, but Wes’ beamin’ about her bein’ alive seemed to take her edge off and she and I shared a look. Illyria had Fred’s memories, so she knew who Cordy was, and that probably also took the edge off.

The Giles guy, who was gonna get punched because if he had helped us, then maybe Fred would be alive, although maybe not, told us to come inside and Illyria and I sort of pushed Wes and Cordy inside, which broke up their hug.

Cordy stayed near the door, talkin’ to us and there was so much to talk about, but I noticed that her well-dressed man went off wit Faith, Giles and Angel and I also noticed that Faith wasn’t happy wit this Giles guy, either, although Angel didn’t seem to be as mad at him as I expected. I figured that was all about all of the slayas that had died last night and Angel’s tendency to brood.

I couldn’t stand it any longa, even though I was desperate to go find Jada…or try to…I just had to know and beat Wes to the question.

“Cordy, you bein’ alive again is like sunshine in a rainy dream, but how the heck are you back?”

She looked ova at her man but then smiled and turned back to Wes, Illyria and myself, her look for Illyria, not a great one and she started to talk. I couldn’t wait to hear her voice.

[Cordy, Wes and Illyria]
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This is NO time for awkward sex! From thepowerplayers [Dec. 19th, 2006|08:05 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

I was freakin’ out. We hadn’t been able to find Jada, Illyria, Wes and I, and I just knew that somethin’ bad had happened to her because of that Italian guy. We had no real answers, either. I know that Wesley had said that the possibility existed, and that it was one that I had to deal wit, that Jada had simply found this Italian appeali’ and might just be havin’ a good time wit him.

That was a tough one to swallow because I was sure that Jada and I had been hittin’ it off and that she and I would be the ones getting’ cozy somewhere.

Besides, Wesley’s words didn’t make sense. Why would I get knocked out and be taken to the Hyperion and let to live, and not killed by the vamps that had attacked us with lead pipes, and yet not rememba anything about the Italian guy, otha then he was Italian, if soemthin’ wasn’t up? Wouldn’t Jada had left me a note or somethin’? It was like it was too perfectly orchestrated and even Illyria and Wesley agreed wit me after I said that, but the problem remained…how do we find them? There was no way that we were goin’ to locate them in a city as big as Los Angeles, especially since Jada didn’t have a home here and since we didn’t know anything about the Italian mother fucker.

We decided to consult Wes’ books. It was a long shot, but it was the best thing that we had goin’ so far and we went wit it. Wesley used the templates, and some faces were placed with names, briefly, but then they just disappeared. It was obvious that the Senior Partners were still around, they controlled the templates and they didn’t want us to see who this Italian guy was.

It was official, Jada was in some serious danga, and that bothered me to no end. After tellin’ Wesley that he should burn the template and after he agreed, we knew that it was time to get the whole team involved.

We rushed back to the Hyperion and nobody was downstairs. It was daylight now, but nobody was downstairs. Everyone was asleep and even in my worried state, I was cognizant enough to know that it had been a long night for everyone.

We walked into Angel’s room, and we were all stunned. Well, at least Wes and I were. Illyria had a smile on her face and that was anotha weird thing. There was somethin’ goin’ on wit she and Wes that I had yet to ask either of them about, but that I could tell, just by bein’ around them for the last couple of hours.

Faith givin’ Angel a knob was news to all of us, though, and now, we had to give them otha news. Obviously, Faith and Angel were now together, and that brought up some soul questions, so I tried not to look at Faith, wit barely anything on and I could take the memory of seein’ Angel’s erect penis out of my head foreva and be totally happy. Still, there were more important things to discuss.

“Not to interrupt the two of you and this surprisin’ sex, but we have a big problem. We losty all of those slaya’s last night and now, Jada has gone missin’ and by everything we’ve tried, it doesn’t look good, guys…”

[Faith, Angel, Wesley and Illyria]
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Seriously alarmed. From thepowerplayers [Dec. 1st, 2006|08:02 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |worriedworried]

I rolled ova and didn’t know what to expect when I did. When I crashed down and found myself on the floor, I knew, at least, that I was still alive.

I looked around and quickly realized that I was in the Hyperion, only now, there didn’t seem to be anybody here. I got up and fell back down. I had been clocked good wit something leaden, and it felt like I had been hit more then once. For all I knew, I had been hit more then once, but I was still alive.

Slowly, I got up and walked around. There was blood on the floor from all of the slayers that had died and that didn’t help the feelin’ of nausea passin’ through me wit a rampage, and then I went to the stairs and climbin’ them was a major pain in the ass. Somebody had to be here, but the people that I was lookin’ for were Fabrizio, and I knew somethin’ about him, but I couldn’t remember what it was, and mainly, Jada.

Thinkin’ about her made me yearn to feel stronga and as I looked around from room to room, I heard nobody and saw nobody. I went up the next flight of stairs, only to achieve the same result. Nobody was here, but me, which led me to wonder how in the hell I had gotten here and where were Jada and Fabrizio, because obviously if I was still alive afta the three of us had been attacked by those vamps with lead pipes, then the vamps didn’t carry me here. They did.

That thought alone lit a fire under me. I mean, I know that Jada wasn’t mine to claim or anything, but we had been flirtin’ and she was as in to me as I was in to her, and now, neither of them were here when obviously, they had survived the attack, while I had been knocked unconscious. Then, somethin’ else occurred to me as I rushed back down to the second floor. Maybe Jada hadn’t made it? Maybe Fabrizio took me here and dropped me off, but Jada was dead?

I wanted to scream. I wanted to, but then I heard the door open and rushed down the stairs, at least hopin’ to see Jada, but when I got there, it was Wes and Illyria, not that I wasn’t happy to see that they had both made it, but still, it wasn’t Jada.

They were almost smilin’ until they looked at me and I realized that I probably looked like I had a terminal illness or somethin’ and the bump on my smooth, delicate head was unmistakable, or at least had to be. I saw concern drift over Wes’ eyes and Illyria moved forward and asked me what was wrong, and hwere had Connor and the slayer gone.

“Jada and I split up with Connor and Melissa. I don’t know where they are. All I know is that some Italian guy wit some serious strength came along and helped Jada and I fight some demons and the next thing I know, some vamps attack us with lead pipes, I get knocked unconscious and I don’t know where Jada and the otha guy are…”

I was panickin’. No doubt about it. Illyria examined the bump on my head, touchin’ it and I could have sworn that I could smell sex on her. Only right now, I wasn’t gonna bring that up.

[Illyria and Wesley]
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Chasin' the demons towards East L.A. From thepowerplayers [Nov. 24th, 2006|07:53 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

There were still demons out there. Like hundreds of them had escaped after most of them had burned and unless Wes and Illyria had killed all of them, then they were still out there, roamin’ the streets, probably not too happy, without their leaders and probably lookin’ for somethin’ or someone easy to kill.

I didn’t really want to go back to the hotel. I had already seen the dead slayers and it wasn’t somethin’ that I wanted to see again, but Jada wanted to go and as far as I was concerned, I was wit her, regardless of when or where. She was a lsyaer too so thinkin’ about those dead ones and maybe her bein’ one of the dead, it was somethin’ that I dreaded.

Was it wrong to like somebody so much when you first met them? No way. Never..no-how, as far as I was concerned. It had been a while since I had seen any action and my only true love eva, Fred, was dead. It had been far too long and my smooth, delicate heads needed to be stroked. If it was a slayer, even better and if she was a ubian goddess like Jada was, then even more betta.

The hotel was like drama central. This Xander dude was all about hatin’ Angel and that was just wrong. Yeah, so apparently he knew Angel for longa then I had. So what? He didn’t have the right idea about him and blamin’ him for the dead slayers was just crazy. We didn’t send them into battle and as best as I knew, didn’t even ask for their help. Jada and Melissa, who was also sexy, agreed wit me and Connor and told us to ignore Xander, and so be it there. I was on that train. I wondered as Xander talked to Faith and looked at Angel wit hatred…as I looked at Faith, who, let’s face it, was also hot and Buffy, too…beautiful…I wondered if all slayers were hot. If that was like a prerequisite from the God’s or whoever gave them their powers? It would be a good way to throw the vamps off…get them thinkin’ about sex.

I stopped thinkin’ as that Xander ran upstairs to see someone named Dawn and Jada pulled me out to the streets wit her. We headed east. West, not four miles away from the hotel was the ocean, and the demons probably wouldn’t be goin’ that way, although if the pier was crowded, it would be a good place for a massacre. Melissa and Connor went that way, anyway. It was up to us to look for the demons goin’ towards East LA. The Mexicans betta be getting’ ready, I thought as I thought of demons goin’ that way.

Away from the drama of the hotel, the middle of the night, I couldn’t wait to get to know Jada betta. We had a job to do, yeah, but I was tinglin’ that this beauty wit powers had come into my life. I just hoped that she liked me too, and so far, it seemed like she did. What was not to like? Come on.

“Jada, while we hunt, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself, like where you’re from, for starters?”

Okay, I was a little direct there, but so far, no demons and hey, they might be attracted to the noise. There weren’t only no demons out, but there was no nobody out, anywhere. They had all been scared inside by the invasion of demons earlier, which did make our jobs easier.

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Chasin' down the reamining demons, part one. From thepowerplayers [Nov. 12th, 2006|01:45 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |Ready]

"Okay, Connor and Gunn go to the left, Illyria and I will go to the right, but remember, not all demons are evil. There will most assuredly be demons like Merle down here trying to avoid the chaos. Spill the right blood, Connor, Charles. Charles, you'll be able to tell what demons are evil, as will I. Let's go."

It seemed like it was just goin' to be the four of us chasin' the remainin' demons. Most of the demons had been killed by that spell by Willow from that chopper. That had been the good part of the strategy. The bad part was that all of these slayas were jumpin' on top of a pack of demons instead of fightin' them from the flanks like we had. All of us were still alive and most of the slayas weren't.

It was only Connor and myself goin' one way here in the tunnels and Illyria and Wes goin' the otha, because Spike, Angel, Buffy and Faith seemed to stay behind wit the dead. There weren't that many demons that had fled. Hundreds, if not less, and we had already killed a few of them, so we could do the clean up wit the demons still livin'. I could understand Buffy and Faith stayin' behind. They had lost so many like themselves out there. They had to be feelin' down, and there was clean up to do up there. They couldn't exactly leave those girls on the streets wit the demons.

Connor and I headed left, and I knew these tunnels inside and out. I could sorta hear demons in the background, but Connor pushed ahead of me, the one wit the machine gun, because his senses and ears were more keen then mine were. He stopped at a door and I had so many questions for him. I knew that he wasn't the old Connor and had a new mentality, but I still wanted to talk to him, but it would have to wait.

A pack of vamps had come in here and when Connor kicked open the door, five of them growled, and I emerged, openin' fire, shootin' all of them with non-fatal gunshots. Now, the stakin' would be easy, and one by one, Connor killed all of them.

"Five more out of the way, kid. What do you say we go afta some more of them?"

He smiled. The old Connor would have sneered and wouldn't have acknowledged me. This Connor was different. I liked this Connor. I trusted him, even if I knew that he had all of his old memories...some of them, not good, even when concernin' me.

"Lead the way, hound dog," I said, and he smiled, before pushin' further into the maze of tunnels. "Rememba, not all demons are evil, but most of them are. If that nose senses any demons, bust the door down. We'll figure out who's good and who isn't, afta."

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We're tearin' their snarlin' asses up. From genesis_la [Nov. 4th, 2006|03:13 am]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |determined]

Cordy's glow was better then any machine gun. Sure, her glow made the demons kinda weak and almost penetant or somethin' which made my machine gun and Wes', twenty feet to my right, all the more effective. But, come on, now, it was so much easier to kill these demons with our guns and for Illyria, Spike and Angel with their swords, because of Cordy's goddess-like power, which she still had.

She was weakened by the effort, though and fell afta her second glow, driftin' away from Angel, who had temporarily moved towards the middle near Spike and Illyria, where they could cova each other's asses while Wesley and I splattered demon blood with bullets on the outsides, on the flanks.

I was weak from being stabbed a couple of times by the vamps at Senator Bitch's office, and from pullin' off round afta round from the machine gun, but afta reloadin', I still had the presence of mind to help Cordy up me and to keep her near me until she gathered her strength again. If she could keep glowin' then we were actually goin' to do it. We were actually goin' to kill like thousands of demons.

There was still a long way to go, but we were doin' it. We were winnin'. These demons had a mission and a purpose, but like every otha demon that I could remmeber facin' in the past, they had a disadvantage. Well, a couple of them. First of all, they always underestimated us, which was their first really giant mistake, and secondly, they were all about snarlin' and growlin' and tearin' us up, that they weren't usin' their brains.

As Angel drifted away and Cordy moved towards him a little bit again, myself also movin' forward in this wet seige on Wilshire boulevard, it became obvious that these demons weren't such a cohesive unit. They were mad that the glow had affected them, probably and so, they started attackin' each otha. Angel, Spike and Illyria separated, and I felt the desire to let them fight themselves and focused on the other ones near Angel and near Cordy, again, as she brought her sword up and killed a demon. I covered both of them which was my job, and right now, we weren't even absorbin' blows. We were just killin' them with our guns and with our swords.

I focused on a group gettin' near Angel from the middle, not far from where a demon mosh-pit brawl amongst themselves had broken out, where a couple seemed to be closin' in on Angel, as he battled with a foe. I put bullets into the heads of two of them, then a third and then a fourth.

We had to have killed like five-hundred demons and one dragon by now, but there was still more work to do. We had to kill them all. I was runnin' out of rounds of ammo. I only had a few left ova my shoulders, but now wasn't the time to think about that. I reloaded.

[Cordy and Angel]
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The big battle is on, and the odds, a little betta. From thepowerplayers [Nov. 3rd, 2006|09:43 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |enthralled]

Spike and I waited after he had killed the Fell and I had killed the Senator and all of the vamps with Spike’s help. Of course, there was no way in hell that there wouldn’t be an investigation of a Senator’s murder, and on the way to the alley which we now stood, I stopped and thought about it, freaked out, because the LAPD had my fingerprints on file and made Spike go back with me to clean the place before goin’ to the alley for the big beatdown.

Spike had a better idea, though. He took the Senator’s body, with head detached, outside, just so that she would be found. Obviously, he hadn’t been seen out there and while I was frantically lookin’ for rags and water to clean my prints away, he decided that it would be a better idea to just burn the place down to the ground. Sometimes, even though I didn’t want to see it, it was good to know that the evil Spike, or things that he might have done when he was evil, still stuck around in his mind, because we watched and within five minutes after Spike had started the fire, the whole place went up.

We got out of there, not exactly wantin’ to stick around with our hands in the air, sayin’, “we did it, arrest us” and ended up in the alley, and nobody else had shown up. To me, that wasn’t a good sign. I was worried that Angel and Wes and even Illyria had been killed and that Lorne had been killed, which had bothered me from the start wit this whole mission, because Lindsey, not exactly reliable.

We waited in the alley, and moved under the awning to get out of the rain, and I was seriously wonderin’ what the hell we were plannin’ on doin’ out there tonight. The demons were comin’ and they were comin’ right this way, like they knew that we was gonna be here. Spike seemed calm, but me, I was freakin’ especially if it was only goin’ to be me and Spike fightin’ all of them. I thought that we should go get weapons, but as we were headin’ from under the awning to go inside, the demons getting’ closa and closa, two girls showed up. I knew one of them, and the otha, I had a good idea who she was and it was nice to finally meet her.

Meetin’ us in the rain, in this alley, with thousands of demons comin’ our way, was Faith and with her, Buffy Summers. Obviously, Buffy knew that Spike was alive and Faith knew too, but the way that Buffy and Spike were starin’ at each otha, I was wonderin’ if they were gonna be in any mood to fight, or if Spike was gonna take her somewhere for a nooner at night, like he did wit Harmony when he got all corporeal. Faith pretty much said the same thing and Buffy pounded her in her left arm for her trouble. Finally, Spike and Buffy hugged and it was all very touchin’, and then Buffy introduced Buffy and I, and hugged me, and then Faith hugged Spike and there was a big hugathon goin’ on.

“Far be it from me not to enjoy hugs from two beautiful woman who have super-powers, but in case you haven’t heard, we have an onslaught of demons pretty much lookin’ to rip our heads off first and then anybody else’s when they are done wit us. I’m all for a big group hug afta, but right now, shouldn’t we go supply ourselves wit weapons?”

Faith and Buffy had weapons in their hands and out of their jackets, they had guns. I smiled, as Faith threw me a gun and a sword and Buffy did the same for Spike.

[Spike, Buffy and Faith]
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Somethin' not good has gone down. From liveandxletdie [Nov. 2nd, 2006|03:15 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

This had been a crazy night. There was no otha way to look at it. How often does it happen that a deranged slayer that nobody knew about, breaks out of her cell and starts killin’ people? That is somethin’ not normal. Throw into the mix that two vampires wit souls were here, but to her, they were just the enemy, and that one of those vamps, Spike, she really thought was her enemy and when all was said and done, she had chopped his hands off and was probably like a minute from makin’ Spike a dusty memory.

Angel, Wes, Fred and I got there on time, and managed to tranq the girl with enough drugs to knock her unconscious for like a week, but before we could even form the plan for holdin’ her and tryin’ to get her better, Andrew, the little runt of a watcher from England, double-crosses us and has an army of vampire slayers to take the girl back to where she really belonged, with the rest of the slayers and their council in England.

Of course, Fred and I weren’t in on that, because we had been too busy gettin’ Spike’s hands in a bag and then on ice, getting’ an ambulance in place and settin’ up some emergency surgery at the firm for Spike, to save his hands. We knew that we needed Spike around, now that he was corporeal, because someone that strong in this city was a plus, and if his hands didn’t work, then he may as well have stayed a ghost. The surgery team at the firm had cadavers set in place, hands that could be put onto Spike’s arms, but Fred went off, and we all remembered Lindsey is his gettin’ an evil hand, or all of us but Fred remembered and we had told her about it later on. Fred was so cool when she was angry and takin’ charge and though I had my connections, for some reason, I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t rememba numbers or people’s names. I must have just been tired.

Then, we oversee the surgery and Wesley returns from bein’ with Angel, telling us that Angel got called away somewhere and then just sort of cryptically left, even though he was angry, accordin’ to Wes, about the slayer-bullyin’ and lettin’ Dana leave the City. Wesley, angry, decides to call the Council, except that when we did, when he did, there were strangely no answers and the signal was like dead. Fred, Wes and I talked about how Giles didn’t trust us anymore because we were here and it bothered Wes. He used to be a watcher, so to me, it made perfect sense, even though Wesley wanted to strike back against Giles in some non-violent way to see who had the biggest muscles at this point. Fred and I talked him down and told him that this Giles would definitely believe that we were evil if we went off on him, and we were all on the same side, besides. Wesley eventually cooled down, except that he received a phone call, flipped his phone up and started pacin’ around the room.

He mentioned that the call was from England, but then, he just sort of had a blank look on his face and didn’t say much of anything to us. Fred walked towards him, pryin’ for information. If anyone could get it out of him, it was her, although I was havin’ a hard time exceptin’ why he wouldn’t just tell us what was up, unless it was somethin’ bad.

Fred managed to finagle from him that the call had been from one of his contacts in London. But, he didn’t elaborate further. I watched on as Fred got closer to him, freaked out, to say the least, but not because Fred and Wesley had become closa.

[Fred and Wes]
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The war that I have been waitin' for. From thepowerplayers [Oct. 26th, 2006|01:53 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |pumped up]

The bar had been a great idea. Watchin’ Spike kick some ass in there also didn’t hurt. I had the perfect amount of beer in me. I wasn’t so drunk where I couldn’t see straight or move fast, but I was just drunk enough to where some of the blows that my smooth, delicate head would take, and that my ribcage might endure, wouldn’t be felt too much. I was goin’ right where I wanted to go and right where Angel knew that I wanted to go. I knew that Spike wasn’t doubtin’ me and all when he said that he was gonna show up. He was just bein’ the concerned souled vampire, but I didn’t need his help, or at least I didn’t think that I did. This was the mission for me, and Angel knew it. Angel might still be mad at me for lettin’ the sarcophagus get through customs, but I knew that he didn’t want me to die in the office. I knew that he wanted me to be in that alley, just like he did everyone else.

If this was as bad as Angel said it was gonna be, when all was said and done, then we needed everyone there, and even then, we would be lucky to survive, so that also motivated me. Spike comin’ to help me motivated me, made me want to kill all of the vamps and not get dead myself, and also motivatin’ me was that I this was just the prologue to a much bigga fight. This was like fightin’ somebody that was really tough, like a good middleweight or somethin’ and when we got to that alley, the real deal began, with the world champion of heavyweights waitin’

Plus, I hated the Senator with a passion. When she had been in our conference room that day and was so sure that we would help her smear the reputation of a good man, just to get reelected, I nearly jumped ova the table then. The shitty grin on her old ass face. The vampire by her side. Oh yeah, I couldn’t wait to get to the office. I rounded the corner, made sure that my axe and my stakes were ready. The axe was a hurling axe, nice for throwin’ at Bitch’s heads and the stakes were taped around my wrists, concealed by my sweatshirt. This was gonna be like old times and I say bring it on. I didn’t plan on dyin’, but if I did, then it would be a worthy punishment for what I had done to Fred, anyway.

I rounded the corner and looked at the buildin’. There it was. It was time to go in. I stormed in and saw everyone workin’ so hard, all of these vamps supportin’ their bitch Senator candidate to bring more evil to the world. I staked two on site, and was so happy that there were a lot of them.

The Bitch looked my way, and before she could say anything, or even put down the phone, and before anotha vamp could approach me, the hurling axe lived inside of her head and I watched her die, her head fallin’ down to the table, her eyes wide open in shock and terror. It was great.

“Looks like you boys can just go home, or, you’re gonna need anotha candidate to work for.”

If they left, great, it would save me for the battle comin’, and I had already killed Senator Bitch Brucker, a memba of the circle of the Black Thorn. But, the vamps didn’t grow and gathered around me. I smiled and launched myself at two of them, stakin’ one, getting’ hit by the otha. A good call on the Guiness, because I barely felt it, before movin on to anotha vamp comin’ my way. A long fight was ahead and I was just warmin’ up.

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Kickin' it old school with Spike before the fight. from thepowerplayers [Oct. 20th, 2006|06:17 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |Ready]

Comin’ out of my office, I ran into Spike. He was lookin’ to blow off a little steam before we got the call from Angel, and though I just wanted to go down and hang with George and the boys one final time, in case this was the end of the world, or at least the end of Charles Gunn, he said that he wanted to go and stake some vamps after pourin’ a few down and I was cool wit that.

It was probably better off if I didn’t go and see George, anyway. George had lost the mission and eva since the night in Lorne’s club, he and I hadn’t said as much as word one to each other. I knew that he was still around on the streets and knew that he still had a crew runnin’ the night vamp hunt, but he and I had become somethin’ otha then friends that night. If the world was goin’ to end, then I would have wanted to see him, but that was the otha thing.

I didn’t believe that the world was goin’ to end.

Spike and I left Wolfram and Hart. It was probably the last time that we would be in that buildin’. I had a briefcase full of things that I wanted to keep and had them wit me, and told Spike that I wanted to drop them off at the Hyperion before this night got started. Rain was about to come in and there was a buzz or a hush or somethin’ on the streets, and as we neared the hotel for the first of what was hopefully two times on this night, assumin’ that I didn’t die at the Senator Bitch’s office, we were accosted by two vampires.

I still had the key and opened the door to the Hyperion, which Angel still owned. We went inside and the vamps followed us. I tossed my briefcase behind the old front desk and turned, pullin’ a stake from my pocket. The vamps should have known better by now then to mess wit me, and they definitely should have known who Spike was. Let’s just say that it was a short fight, although one of the vamps did get a kick in to my chest, right where my cell phone was, and I had to make sure that it worked so that Angel could call me when he was ready for the plan to go through. It did, and I was fired up, especially when I looked at the weapons cabinet. I had stakes wit me, but not a nice broad sword. Wit my key, I opened the door to the weapons cabinet and pulled out the shiniest one that I could find, offering one to Spike.

He smiled and I tossed him one, and we left the hotel, afta I had locked the door again. We headed for the nearest bar, and it just so happened that it was centrally located to Senator Bitch’s office, the Fell’s lair and the Hyperion, and together, we went in and both ordered doubles.

“Gotta admit, Spike, this is the way to go. That sword will definitely help you against the fell and I know that mine will help me against the vamps that the Bitch Senator is definitely goin’ to have.”

I turned to him, smiled and drained double number one, enjoyin’ the burn. If I was goin’ to go out, then it would be in a blaze of drunken glory. Tonight was goin’ to be dangerous, but I wasn’t plannin’ on it bein’ my last.

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The Intervention. From thepowerplayers [Oct. 15th, 2006|12:17 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Spike led the way, Wesley, Lorne and I right behind him as we passed Harmony, who had just sat down, and had a big smile on her face, as usual, oblivious to what was really goin' on in the world.

We approached the door, and I knew that all of us were ready to get to the answers here. Angel had been actin' like he was on some power trip, or somethin' and this wasn't a power trip that somebody might get when they just got promoted to Manager at their job, or somethin'. No, this was the type of power trip that enabled him to let a bunch of demons take an innocent baby for the Gordebach. This was the type of power trip where he allowed an evil, demon Senator, and not only allowed, but helped her to destroy a man's life. This was the kind of power trip that enabled Angel not to give a shit about people dyin' on the streets. This was the kind of power trip that allowed Angel to potentially sacrifice somebody who he was supposed to love, like Fred.

We all approached the door, hopin' to find answers an ready to do somethin' about this, even if it meant resortin' to violence and yet, I had the feelin' that at leats Wes and I believed that there had to be a real explanation for all of this. There had to be. The Angel that I knew, the Angel that all of us knew would neva do these kinds of things, and yet, all of the signs seemed to point that he didn't care about good anymore, and that he was willin' to be evil, as long as he was in charge. I didn't need to be told about many of the things, because I had already had the misfortune of witnessin' them.

Spike slammed the door to his office open, and there he was, gone from lookin' like he was gettin' ready to leave for somewhere, to now focusin' in on us wit an annoyed look on his mug. I just wanted to shake him. It was like he was a different person, and down in the office, I wished that I had brought it up, because it occurred to me that the Senior Partner's could have used some mojo on him. All of us had ben rocked by weird magic before and we all knew what it could do. Maybe, once again, Angel was a puppet? Only this time, he didn't look like one, all wit the not bein' two feet tall.

It still looked like the Angel that we all knew, except, like as usual, but it bein' a relatively new phenomenon, he was lookin' at us like we were the enemy. Spike tensed in front of me as we guarded the door so he couldn't leave, if he had any intentions on leavin' before talkin' to us. I could tell that Spike was ready to fight him. Lorne looked like he said that he felt earlier. He looked like he wanted to run from Angel, because Angel was the big beastie now. Wesley and I weren't so cut and dry in one direction or the answer. We shared the bond of wantin' answers.

"Goin' somehwere, Angel? Goin' out to save someone, or to kill someone, because honestly, hard to know which side you are on, lately."

[Angel, Spike, Wesley and Lorne]
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Senator Bitch and about twenty vamps. From genesis_la [Oct. 1st, 2006|05:39 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |pumped]

I had thought that Angel was the one that needed the stakin', even though that seemed like somethin' after all of the loss, that even I couldn't do. Cordy was neva gonna wake up, Fred was gone. Heck, I was willin' to give myself up for my part in what happened to Fred, and I still would.

I had thought that it was Angel that might need the stakin', but as it turns out, I couldn't be more happy in the plan. Angel had set it up perfectly. I didn't need to be in that meetin' wit the Senator Brucker Bitch, but he had me there just to raise my hate, and my assignment was now to kill the bitch.

Didn't seem like much. I knew she used vamps in her campaign, and probably to kill in front of her just for her own pleasure, but I didn't know that there would be so many of them. I was hopin' that there would be all vamps, though. I staked one, wonderin', and thrivin' on the wonder that Senator Bitch could very easily be in charge of a legion of vampires. Yeah, it could be that she was just in the Circle of the Black Thorn so that she could try to pass evil bills up on Capitol Hill, but that didn't seem in keepin'. All politicians were evil in some way, and anything radical that she might want to do, would probably neva pass in a vote. Yeah, I was thinkin', as the axe went into her head, that she probably had a legion of vampires of her own, and just for my own benefit, I thought that she was in charge of all of the ones that I had been fightin' my whole life.

As she died, I still had about eighteen or so to kill, and it wasn't goin' to be easy, but I knew how to beat vamps. Part of me wanted Rondell and some of the otha brotha's here with me, one more time for old school, because the world could be in some serious hurt afta all of this, but when I started fightin', and kickin' and stakin', two at a time, I figured, nah, this is the only way that I want it.

Fred was watchin' me the whole time, I just knew, and if this was it, then this was the way that I was born to go down. Things got harder. The vamps weren't only tryin' to use their teeth, but they were also usin' weapons of their own, but should I expect anything less? They were vamps. Even with a ten on one, and surroundin' me, they would still cheat, even though they were the ones wit the superpowers and all, and I was just a guy. I was a tough guy with a smooth bald, head, but I was still just a guy, without the superpowers.

I thought of Fred, and had a smile on my face through the effort, and things got easier. I got stabbed a couple of times, but while it hurt, and while I was bleedin', it didn't slow me down, and while I got punched once or twice and kicked once or twice, I acted like these vamps were little boys hittin' me, and I had to face it as only four were left, these were political vamps. They were killa's yeah, but let's face it, these guys weren't about exactly twenty Spike's, or twenty Angel's. Thank God for that.

With a little more effort, I was done. I looked around, and there was Senator Bitch, with the axe in her head, so dead, and the look on her face made me smile, and then there was a lot of dust. Now, it was time to get to that alley. I slumbered away and out into the rain. I felt a little panic. I knew that I had been stabbed enough times that I should be gettin' to a hospital, but I felt Fred lookin' down on me, and saw Alanna lookin' down on me, and knew that there was only one place for me, and that was in that alley. I remembered, as I ran, the best times of my life, when I felt the comfort of Fred every night, and I remembered why it was that I had met Fred. Because I was a fighter to the last and wasn't goin' down without a fight; that I fought to save my people back in the day, and now, I would fight to try to save the world. Again.
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A weasel with the 411. From thepowerplayers [Sep. 10th, 2006|08:38 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |determined]

"Okay, this could be the information that we need. The problem is, that Lindsey may be a tough nut to crack. He's sure to be defiant when it comes to helping us in any way, and I don't want Eve to come back here and interrupt us, as she might, because she was sure to have just seen all of us approaching Lindsey's holding room. Here's what we'll do. Spike, you collect the hostage, but don't tell him anything. I want him to sweat this. Gunn, Lorne and I will go back to a room a couple of floors down. I don't want Angel barging in, either. We can't have him suspecting that we know anything, until we can confirm some things. Let's go."

Wesley had the right idea. We didn't need any distractions. It was time for things to go down, and one way or the otha, we had to know for sure if Angel had gone off the deep end. It all had somethin' to do with the weird symbol that appeared in Wes' templates. We just had to find out what it meant, because of the way that it was sent to Wes, it was like, somebody was tryin' to warn us about him, or about somethin' that was goin' to happen. Lindsey might be the guy who knew what the symbol meant.

Wes, Lorne and I made our way down a couple of floors to a room, waiting for Spike to bring Ronald McDonald down to us.

"Even if Lindsey knows what the symbol means, doesn't mean he's goin' to tell us jack about it. Last time I checked, he didn't exactly like us too much, and now since we're keepin' him hostage and all, I wouldn't count on him bein' forthcomin' with the 411."

I wasn't really talkin' to myself, but with Wesley pacin' and with Lorne drinkin'...that guy always had a bottle of somethin' on him, I may as well have been talkin' to myself. I heard a little bit of a struggle in the hall, and then saw Lindsey's mug bein' pressed up against the door.

Wesley and Lorne turned as the door opened and Spike fought to bring Lindsey in, manhandlin' him along the way, which I had to admit, brought a smile to my face. Lindsey tossed Spike down in the chair that Lorne had been sittin' and he looked all hostile at all of us, as we gathered around.

I could tell, just by his reaction, that we didn't care what we did to him, and that he probably wasn't goin' to give us jack, but that wasn't goin' to stop me, or any of us from beatin' the 411 out of him if we had to.

[Lindsey, Spike, Wesley and Lorne]
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A needed meeting with Wesley. From thepowerplayers [Aug. 23rd, 2006|03:10 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]

The meeting in the conference room had left me feelin' even more hollow then I had felt when I met with Lorne earlier. I wanted to give Angel a piece of my mind about the way that he was actin'. I went to see him and this meetin' in the conference room, so that I could give him grief ova givin' that baby to the Fell Brethren. Instead, it was anotha meetin' that I didn't want to attend. It wasn't a one on one with Angel, where I could try to talk sense into him. It was a meetin' to help a demon Senator, which I didn't want to know was possible, and her vampire aide, flunkie, all about slanderin' the Senator Bitch's competition and usin' Wolfram and Hart funds to do so.

Angel escorted the Senator and vampire out, and I didn't get a chance to give him a piece of my mind. It was for the best, I supposed, at least for now. There was obviously no gettin' through to Angel, at least in the one on one sense, and we would have to come at him wit the facts and see what he said. I didn't know when we would do it, but if it wasn't soon, bad things were bound to happen.

I decided that the only person that I could confer wit about this was Wesley. I knew that he hadn't been himself since Fred...since Illyria had come around, but I had heard through the campfire that he had sent Spike and Illyria off to kill some demon that was killin' innocent and helpless people, so I knew that his head wasn't completely gone, and that he still wanted to do the right thing. I knew that he would have issues wit what Angel had been doin' and wit the way that he had been actin' lately, so it would start wit him. The intervention would go from me, to Wesley, to Lorne and then to Illyria and Spike, if we needed muscle backup to physically stop Angel if it came to that.

I opened the door and saw Wes examining some books. I wondered if he was all crazy like he was the one time that I had walked into his office, but this was more like old times. He was lookin' through a book, all intensely. This was good.

"Wesley, I don't know what you have goin' on, but it's about intervention time between all of us, and Angel. The big guy needs a talkin' to, and possibly, to be tied up somewhere..."

I looked at a picture that he had drawn, and was lookin' at as he flipped through pages. "Okay, Angel needs an intervention, but I'll play. What the hell is up wit the weird symbol?"

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A visit from Lorne. From thepowerplayers [Aug. 14th, 2006|04:36 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]

Sittin' behind a stack of papers that I really didn't want to be sittin' behind, I was wonderin' what my purpose was. I mean, I used to be the muscle, and that was cool and all, and I then I became the lawyer, filled with wins and secrets about demon codes and imbued with the laws and strictures that make this place tick.

I used to think that this was important, even when I knew that I was freein' some scumbag clients in the courtroom, but now, it meant nothin' to me and I knew that we were doin' wrong. I knew that if I kept this up, that I would further lose myself and like we had all been sayin' well, except for me, that we would be swallowed inside of the belly of the beast, and that the gray would soon become black.

It already had for me. When Fred died, it was lost. When I found out that the reason that she had died was because I had signed for the customs release of the sarcophagus just to get my upgrades to feel important again, it was way over. I still had the Gilbert and Sullivan in my brain and knew everything, now, but even wit all of my friends here, I didn't feel this and didn't know if I could continue. I had gone to Wesley to be my compass, but he was almost a clinical psychopath now, and wasn't a help in that regard, which pretty much just put me further along in what I was currently thinkin'.

Angel givin' that bay up to the Fell Brethren, was only further evidence that all of us were slippin' away and weren't doin' the right thing, nine times out of ten, while keepin' the business profitable. Now, we were all under the influence of this place and I hoped to turn it around. I had to talk to Lorne, and especially, Angel, about all of this.

As if God was readin' my mind, Lorne knocked on my door and then opened the room. Like me, since Fred had been taken from us, his zest for his job as Entertainment guru here, had drifted away and he was as lost as I was. It was time to build a front here. First Lorne, and then Wes and then we could get Spike on our side and force Angel to do the right things, again, if it came to that.

"A mountain of work to do here, and you know what, Lorne? Why is it that I feel like goin' into the courtroom and losin' every single one of these cases, save a few?"

I flipped a docket to the table and looked through another one. Another case of me representin' somebody who had done somethin' bad while workin' for a demon. I tossed that folder aside and looked up at Lorne.

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An entire buildin' goes all white. From the_embattled [Jul. 29th, 2006|09:10 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |angryangry]

Fred and I made our way out of the woods. It was safe to say that both of us were fairly freakd out. We had just spent an awful lot of time fightin' demons that were strong and oozed when they died, and we had been separated from Riley and Buffy and from Angel and Cordelia.

I was all about killin' demons. Anyone could tell you that if they knew me, but it was about time to get to findin' the othas, where then, we could go about killin' demons in the dark when there were six of us. We had a strong idea where Buffy and Riley were; they were on the beach where that freaky ship just sailed itself not into port, but into the sand, like it was outta control or somethin'. They were lookin' for demons out that way.

Fred and I decided to go towards the hotels and casino's and homes further down the beach and far outta the woods, which were freaky, even for me at this hour. We made our way to the buildin's, not knowin' if the people that we were passin' were humans, or demons, because these freaky demons here could take human form just like vamps.

A little way in, standin' there like a beacon of hell, which we should have expected from minute one, especially since Cordy had a vision of this place and especially since our ride home, our chopper, had blown up, was of course, a Wolfram and Hart office. It wasn't as big and bawdy as the one in LA, but it all meant the same thing. There was evil in here and I was guessin' that Angel had found it first, hadn't found Connor, like the rest of us, and had freaked out, like he had back in LA, when Connor first went to Quortoth.

There had been a commotion in the lobby, and we knew it. Angel had been here and he was blamin' them, and rightly, probably, for Connor bein' missin'. We went in, Fred and I decidin' to ask the frightened girl at the lobby what had happened. She told us fifth floor, which was probably close to the top of this place, so she and I rushed up the stairs, and as we reached the fifth floor, the whole buildin' turned white.

Outside of the elevator, smilin' was this asshole and he was about to taste my fist. Angel and Cordy had been sent somewhere and now it was time to get the answers.

I grabbed the guy by the collar and threw him against the wall. "You have about ten seconds to start talkin', rich, white man, and I suggest that you start tellin' me where Angel and Cordelia just went. If you lie, I toss your ass out the window! TALK!"

I didn't loosen my grip as I looked him straight in the eyes.

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Gettin' this shit straight. From the_embattled [Jun. 4th, 2006|10:06 am]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |calmcalm]

I was ready to do some serious demon killin', now, and made some good points. Fred seemed to cave on the issues and put any fear aside. They had killed our friends and had blown up our ride. It was time to do somethin'.

"I-I know, Charles. When you put it that way, it sounds more exciting. I just wish we didn't have to lose more people."

Then Riley, who minutes ago, seemed just lost, came up wit a plan.

"Gunn, Fred, go into the woods to that cave where Angel and Cordelia are, and get them involved in this, and then the four of you can hunt the woods from this side again. The four of you can go into that cave which seemed to house all of the demons. Buffy and I will check that ship. I'm thinking that the demons may have taken up some residence on it, and there's a good chance that since we didn't find Connor in that cave, that he might be on the ship. Buffy and I will look, then we'll head into town. None of us have gone there yet. You two were heading there, but we stopped you and told you about the cave. This time, after the ship, we'll go into town and search things out. Maybe there's another stronghold there? Maybe there's another cave in the woods? With Angel with you, it'll be just like having Buffy and I'm sure that he'd move the world to find his son. We'll search the town and enter the woods on the other side. If we have found Connor, we'll come towards you. If none of us have any luck, meet back here at the helicopter. It should be easy to find. Just follow the smell of burning metal. Be safe."

"Sounds good to me." I looked at Fred and then the four of us looked at each other, and then they were gone.

I took Fred's hand and in the darkness, led her into the woods. The cave that Angel had hid from the sun in wasn't far, and in a second or two, we were in front of it. "We have to split up, baby, to get anywhere. Buffy and Riley can handle themselves alone. They have a machine gun, too. We have one, and in a few seconds, we'll have Angel or Cordy wit us...if they are still here."

She seemed to swallow hard, but held the machine gun like she was ready. We went in, but as we were on our way in, I was thinkin' that unless they were aslep, that there was no way that Angel wouldn't have left the cave when the sun went down to look for Connor. We went deep into the cave and there was nothin'. "Angel? Cordy?" I said, but didn't hear any response.

I took Fred's hand and led her out of the cave. "So, they have already left to look for Connor." Something occurred to me. "Why wouldn't they come to the beach when they heard the explosion, Fred? There's no way, and I don't care how far away into the woods that they were, that at least Angel didn't hear the explosion?"

Fred seemed to already be thinkin' that. Now, we were left wit the task of goin' into the dark woods without Angel's eyesight and Cordy's glowy power thing. She seemed to be thinkin' that already, too. "It sucks, baby, but now, Buffy and Riley are searchin' an area of the island, and Angel and Cordy are probably just ahead of us. We'll walk side by side. If we hear anything snarlin', we'll fill it with bullets."

I took the gun away from here, likin' the way that it felt in my hands, and gave her the stake. Bullets might not kill these things, but they hurt like hell. I shoot em', you stake em'." She looked at me and I could make out those soulful eyes. "Don't worry, baby. We'll be safe, and we'll all, includin' Connor, get off of this island, somehow."

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Alanna! From angel_season1 [May. 14th, 2006|01:14 pm]
Charles Gunn
[Current Mood |predatory]

George and Rondell had tracked twenty or so vamps to a warehouse. They didn't all live there, but they met there. Some of them did live there, though and those were the ones that were there now. It was night, and there was no doubt in my mind that these vamps would soon be going out to terrorize the neighborhood, only they wouldn't. We had the place surrounded. I didn't know where the other vamps out of the twenty had gone and it didn't make me happy to know that they were probably out hunting for their next kills, but at least we could stop the ones that were here now.

We were strong and had the buildin' surrounded. There were ten of us and as I looked inside, I could tell that there were six vamps inside. There were five males and one female, and they were laughing. I didn't have vamp hearin' or nothin', but I could tell that they were plannin' somethin' and they were talkin' about leavin' soon, but again, that wasn't goin' to happen. Not on my watch, and not on this night.

Carefully, I made my way off of the roof, where I had been spyin' and thankfully, they didn't get wind that I was there, or if they did, they didn't let on about it. It didn't matter, because we were goin' in, and we were goin' in wit the truck. The warehouse doors were big enough that they could be opened and we could drive right in. There seemed to be enough room in the warehouse, too, to drive around and be able to maneuver. The plan was simple. Alana and several in the others in the back of the truck, stayin' there wit bows and arrows, Rondell openin' the door and then hoppin' on the truck as Jason drove in, before George, Rondell and myself took to hand to hand.

The plan was set and minutes later, it was set into motion, as we roared in, the truck makin' loud noises in the warehouse. The vamps got to defcon 5 and George, Rondel and myself charged as a couple of the guys started firin' stakes from the trucks implements, towards the vamps. Two were dusted immediately, leavin' four left. The trunk banked as the three of us charged the vamps. I got into hand in hand wit one, and took one down with a quick jut of my stake into it's heart. I was attacked by anotha one, and fell to the ground, in a wrestlin' match tryin' to keep it's teeth off of me. I saw that the truck shootas had taken out anotha of the vamps and that George and Rondell were battlin' wit one of the three remaining. The truck veered and I heard Alanna callin' my name as I fought and tried to get to the ground and was hit in the face, and slid back to keep it away from me.

Alanna then jumped on it and was bein' spun around, before she was slammed to the ground, and the vamp smiled, before lungin' down towards her.

Alanna!! I screamed, and plowed the stake into the back of the vamps heart, and as the dust settled, I saw her below me, lookin' scared, with marks on her neck, her hand goin' to it, as I helped her up. Among the chaos, I realized that all of the vamps were dead. "Little sis, you gotta be more careful. Don't even do that again. Stay in the truck."

She looked at me like she was angry, and we got into the truck. It was time to hunt the streets for the rest of the twenty that had been congregatin' here.
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